Steering Response by Creativity In Email Marketing

In today's internet age, mass email marketing has confirmed to be a powerful method of consumer interaction with brands. As per the Relevancy Group, this channel creates more than 25% of a brand’s revenue. According to the Octane Report, 46% of India Marketers surveyed declared email marketing campaign creates 30% or more revenue for them, in India. New and enhanced arrangements of appealing customers through live (or adaptive content) and animation along with personalization and timeliness has further improved the effectiveness of email marketing software. Verdicts hold this as 89% of Indian Marketers, in the same Octane Report, voted that email marketing as an effective tool for their business.

One tactic that is making places is the use of GIFs in the emails. An example can be seen through the email activity of Postmates, a logistics company. GIFs are always eye catching and easy to consume and they also serve to build an emotional connection with consumers. Using GIFs attracts attention to a certain or specific part of the email and can further lead your products to life by demonstrating products in motion.

Email marketing companies have continued to magnify the creative and engaging elements of their emails by the use of animation, video and interactive mechanisms, adaptive/live content, Aspiring email marketers must test ideas and keep an eye towards what other marketers are doing in the industry.

Additional key elements of effective email marketing comprise:

  1. Cross-selling references chosen selectively based on original product purchase associations can help stimulate incremental revenue.
  2. Effective mobile rendering, which includes simple, clean, creative and clear CTAs is vital to improving focus and response on mobile devices.
  3. Magnify product features by using animation within email communications, as it can be a strong engagement driver.
  4. Personalizing the offers based on the location of the consumers and/or interests increases response, retention and goodwill.

Mass email marketing has continued to grow with enormous innovation and creativity generating new possibilities for marketers to produce personalized and related marketing communications to stimulate business growth.

Email marketing is coming across as a powerful means to interact with the customers. There are numerous ways to steer response in email marketing i.e. through GIFs, keeping a track on the market trends, presenting the locations based offers etc. This innovation and discovery in e-mail marketing can result in the growth of a business.

About the Author:-
Alphasandesh is an email marketing organization which provides the reliable and fastest mass email marketing services worldwide. The website creates appealing e-mails with its focus on the observation of the real-time interactions and reactions.